Sunday, February 17, 2013

French Riveria

Canne was our final place to visit. Every morning we enjoyed a french croissant or other yummy pastry, and wandered through the streets looking at the International Film Festival site, along with other interesting shops and stops - always ending up at the beach for a day of sun and relaxation. Toward evening, we would sit on the boardwalk and "people watch" which was a whole new entertainment in itself. We tried out a couple of restaurants and found one that suited us perfectly. When we first arrived in Canne at our hotel, the man at the desk took one look at Will and commented that the room we had reserved probably needed to be changed to another room just so Will would fit in the bathroom. We laughed, but had to wonder what the first room would have offered, considering the size of the room and bathroom we ended up in. What an adventure! It is all part of European travel. Will was very impressed with all the high-dollar sports cars lined up along the street. It seemed they had them all.

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