Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tuscan Hills Adventure

Saturday we discovered a new get-away place in central Italy. Saturnia is a natural sulpher warm-water springs

and is a lovely spot to relax and enjoy the exquisitely, green Tuscan hills.

When we first arrived in the morning, the air was a little crisp and steam was rising off the springs,

Here I have just stuck my toe into the water, testing the temperature. Yes, it is warm enough to want to get in.

whereas later when the outside temperature warmed, the air was clear.
After sweeping down over the terraces of the spring, the water flows into a river.

This is the view when sitting in the spring water.

On the way home, we enjoyed seeing a typical hilltop town,

Orvieto church seen from a distance,

and other interesting places to see on the drive home.

This week is Cultural Week in Italy and entry is free of charge to all the museums in Rome. Check us out next week for pictures and entries about our museum discovery week.
On Friday night, we enjoyed delicious pizza at Taverna Rossini with the Burts.

Knowing my love for flowers, Will just had to take this picture of a street flower shop just outside of the restaurant.