Sunday, May 9, 2010

Transfer Week and Special Dinners

Amidst transfers this week, we hosted Jacqueline and Claudio Fiorella at an American dinner at our apartment. It was a house full of people as we had Kiera Bennion and her sisters: Brittany, Annie, and Michelle staying with us. Sister Swenson and Sister Stephenson were also invited so they could translate. Sister Riffaldi, our newest Italian missionary had just arrived in town that day and was working with our two sister missionaries. Around the dinner table, mostly Italian was spoken with a running commentary of English going in the background. Everyone had a great evening together.

Sister Stephenson is a new trainer, and while she was attending her meetings in conjunction with that calling, Sister Swenson went on a little giro with Elder and Sister Sommerfeldt. We had thought to show her “Moses” and “Theresa” in downtown Rome, but by the time we left transfer circle those churches were closed for pranzo. We wandered over toward Venezia and there was a military show going on. Will sat in the helicopter there.
The man in charge about passed out to see this big man come up to him and want to get inside the copter.

Then, he couldn’t physically get both long legs inside.

They shared a fun moment together laughing and talking.

Sister Swenson and Sister Sommerfeldt opted to just have their picture taken together on the ground. This sweet sister (daughter) finished her mission this transfer.

Thursday evening we attended the “dying dinner” at the mission villa. This fine looking group of missionaries were preparing to return home after serving honorable missions.

Brother and Sister Calabrese are in the middle at the front with President and Sister Acerson on either side of them. The missionaries’ arms of love were encircling them.

Brother Calabrese puts in hours of volunteer work at the office. He is also our Stake Patriarch and a beloved member of our ward. Brother and Sister Calabrese are both converts to the church and they often tell the missionaries how grateful they are that they have given of their time to come to Italy and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Friday night was date night – especially with Mother’s Day coming. We finally tried out the Amatrice Restaurant that is right at the end of our lane. We often eat pizza when we go out, but I wanted to try the house specialty – which was pasta. Before Valentino brought out my pasta, he tied pasta bibs on us. We were laughing hard, but it’s a great idea.

Valentino agreed to have his picture taken with Karen. He was a very accommodating and fun waiter, and he also spoke great English.

Poppies – will always mean spring in Italy to us! With red and black faces turned to the sun, they grow wild along the roadways.