Monday, June 15, 2009

Zone Conference was on Wednesday of this past week. Napoli Zone was joining Roma Zone since we were enjoying a visit from Elder Kopischke, a member of our Area Presidency and a seventy. Elder and Sister Warner, who are serving in Caserta, close to Napoli attended the Conference. We have stayed with them twice so we could shop at the navel base there. Elder Warner is ex-military and can get us on base to grocery shop. So, we were excited that they would stay with us this trip and attend the conference with us.

On Thursday, we took them to downtown Rome to see the coliseum and while we were there, Will took some very interesting pictures of it. The wall was built after Rome had a major earthquake to try and shore up the coliseum enough so that it will not all fall down.

As we walked around to the opposite side than you normally see, we could see the wall that was built. On the front side, you can also see how shaky the huge pieces of stone seem to be. Another earthquake and we would probably really be in trouble.

Afterwards we climbed a hill inside a park and Will got these beautiful pictures of the flowers and palm trees with the coliseum in the distance. (about a block away)

Wow! What a great way to get around Rome. Unfortunately, we walk! But this sure looked like fun.

We have a flavor to ask everyone: please pray that the government officials of Rome will allow the building of the temple to go forth at this time. We were told that major decisions will be made in the month of June as to whether we are recognized as a church in this country and given permission to built the temple. We are anxious to have a beautiful temple in this beautiful land.