Sunday, September 20, 2009


Anziano and Sorella Sommerfelt discovered a new quaint little town called Calcata. Our friend from English class, Andrea, told us about it. Anziano and Sorella Burt wanted an adventure this weekend, so they went with us. The town of Vecchio Calcata means old town. It is built on a rock foundation that is jutting out of the edge of a mountain. Calcata was built in 977 AD. The town only has one road into it, so it could be protected against invaders. Now it is a tourist’s dream with all the narrow streets, old apartments in old buildings, steep stairs, unique doors, tiny patios, and colorful flowers.

While we were there, a band lined up outside the church to play when those inside came out. A woman about 68 years old, was around the corner and was tying firecrackers onto a wire. We didn’t know if there was a wedding or a funeral going on inside the church. Finally those inside came out, the band played, and the women set off her fireworks with a very loud and sustained bang. We still don’t know why there was so much attention at the church since neither a bride or a casket came outside. Afterward we went inside the church to look around.

Later we drove around Lake Bracciano and strolled along the waterfront as we ate gelato.
It was a great day.

Here is Karen and Will standing by a tree growing over a large rock.

On Friday we finally visited the Mouth of Truth to see how truthful we are. As you can see, Will is really worried about whether the Mouth of Truth will bite his hand off. Karen is pretty sure she’s okay, so she is laughing. (Nervous Laugh)

This is the view from our balcony. There is a major building project going on and we enjoy checking out what has happened on it during the day when we return home in the evening after our day at the office. Just over a few yards from the project they are making a new park. It is moving much slower, but also provides us entertainment.