Sunday, February 28, 2010

Firenze Revisited

The sun is shining in Italy and we are on the move again. Burt’s had not been to Firenze yet and we were anxious to go that direction for some mission business and some shopping. So, Saturday morning, we left bright and early for Firenze.

Driving through lush green countryside and seeing hill-top fortresses along the way is part of the charm of going to Firenze.
The baptistry doors are exquisite in bronze relief.
This one shows Christ, at 12, teaching in the temple.

This panel shows Christ and Peter walking on the water.

Here, Christ is triumphantly entering Jerusalem.

We only have 5 short months left of our mission to Italy. What a blessing it has been to serve at this special time, when the work is moving forward so quickly, and in this place, where it has been prophesied that Italy will blossom as a rose. We feel so very blessed to think that this season of opportunity has been ours to enjoy. Here Will is visiting with men from Egypt at Piazza Michelangelo.

All in all, with seeing the sights, talking to people, and shopping, we had a great day in Firenze.