Thursday, April 8, 2010

Buona Pasqua

This Easter time

we enjoyed a family visit from Rusty and Michelle/ Ryan and Derrek,

Remembered our Savior,

listened to General Conference,
and invited the sister missionaries for Easter Monday dinner.
With Rusty's family we walked a lot and rested some

Ate gelato


The boys attended "Gladiator School" on their last day in Rome. It was probably the highlight of their trip.

Were photographed with the Swiss Guard at Saint Peter’s

Followed Rick Steves (Michelle)

Ate at great Italian restaurants

Went sightseeing

Saw beautiful Firenze at night

Everywhere in this incredible land of history, we see reminders of Christ's death. We know HE lives, and that we will live again with HIM and with our loved ones eternally. That is our message to the world.