Monday, April 12, 2010

Via Appia Antica

The Appian Way was a main road used for Roman military supplies and was built in 312 BC. For the Burt’s and Sommerfeldt’s, it was a pleasant walk in the warming springtime loveliness of Rome.

The large cobblestones in the first picture of Will and Karen are representative of the original stones used on the road.

Along the way, we all visited with many people. Will loves to talk to people and makes friends easily. Then he would take our picture.

We started our adventure along Appia Antica by viewing the Christian catacombs at San Sebastian.

The burial spots were niches in the wall where the bodies were carefully wrapped and laid inside.

The church

was built over the catacombs to honor Sebastian, an early Christian martyr, who was shot to death with arrows.

Inside the church, is The Christ: the last sculpture by Bernini – done when he was 80 years old.

Our day also included a visit to Mussolini’s home on Nomentana

where the grounds are extensive.

Here are Sister Burt and Sister Sommerfeldt enjoying the day.

There we discovered a delightful rarity called Casina delle Civette, but we call it “The Birdhouse.”

The architecture is amazing!

The inside view is a treasure of stained glass art.

These are only a sampling of the stained glass feast that is inside the birdhouse.
What a delightful day!