Monday, October 19, 2009

Building Buildings

Winter has arrived in Italy! I am freezing once again. It certainly makes one count their blessings at home, with central heating, attached garage, fireplace, and jetted tub. I guess that is part of the flavor of living in another country – to find out how people there really live.

Across the lane from us a new building is rising. To get the heavy equipment onto the land, they razed the fun entry way and driveway to the property.

The palm tree was the next to go – not destroyed, just moved to a different location. Now we are watching the building process in earnest.

Will often takes pictures, and as the workers see him in his white shirt and tie with a camera, they don’t like it much. They must feel someone is checking up on them.
The funniest part of the construction so far was when they poured high footings and then filled the spaces between the footings with plastic tables.

A layer of cement was poured over the plastic.

They have used so much rebar we think they must be building an apartment complex. We had hopes of it being a single dwelling so it wouldn’t block the sunrise, but that is probably not the case.

Anyway it provides us with considerable entertainment as we wake up to the pounding in the morning, and check up on the progress after work.