Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Church of Jesus Christ in Action!

(Doesn't Will look angelic?)

This has been a very interesting and fun weekend. On Saturday there was a grande Relief Society party that has been in the planning for months. Italy is truly a melting pot of nationalities. The Stake Relief Society invited sisters from different countries to participate in a dance festival of sorts. First the Stake Relief Society President and then the Stake President spoke to us. (In Italian, of course)

Then, each country (13 in all) was introduced by their national anthem being played on a large screen. Missionaries and priesthood also attended the evening. All those born in that country stood during the national anthem and sang along with it.

Then dancers from that country, in fantastic costumes, danced for all of us.

Surprise, surprise, Will and I were asked to represent America in the dancing. We asked the other couple in the office to join us so we weren’t doing a floor-show number all alone. When it was our turn and we went onto the dance floor, it became very silent. Then the Elvis music began and the crowd went crazy. Will doesn’t know if it was Elvis or the fact that the “old” missionaries were doing the dancing!

Afterwards, every country had a tasting table out in the courtyard. The tables were decorated with items from that country.

A beautiful evening formed a perfect backdrop for great food, friendly associations, and fun dancing with incredible costumes

– gulp – except for our costumes, missionary drab. Our best feature was our black and white name tags.

It just doesn’t get better!

Today we invited 2 girls from Finland to our apartment for Sunday dinner. They were visiting our ward and spoke very good English. They have only been members for 2 years and we figured they could use a boost in American hospitality and Italian love. It was a fun day getting to know them. They heard about the church in Finland when the temple was built there and they attended the open house. Actually, they didn't know each other at that time. While listening to the discussions, they met each other and both joined the church and became friends. Where else besides the church, could you meet total strangers at church and invite them to go home with you, feed them, enjoy one another, and send them on their way.

Actually, when they were leaving the house, they wanted to know if we knew of a FHE going on tomorrow night. We told them, yes, at our house. We assured them they were invited. We are having a scone night for the missionaries in our district, investigators, and a young man (Jonathan) who joined the church just over a year ago and wants to open his mission call at our house.

(This is Jonathan from the Philippines who is waiting for his mission call.)
We can hardly wait to see where he will be serving. The work goes on!