Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Before dinner at the Mission Home - check out Elder Sommerfeldt at the back!

Elder Auna and Elder Welch singing

The real work has begun!

11 March 2009

Will and I have been extremely busy the last few days. It is transfer time in the mission (this happens every 6 weeks) and we are in charge of seeing that all the missionaries get moved around where they should be. That process is bigger than usual this time as 8 missionaries are returning home after completing their missions and 18 new missionaries are arriving on Thursday. Many of the ones going home have been in leadership positions. Also, each of the 18 kids (new missionaries) must be assigned a trainer. Of course, the assignments are all made by President Acerson. However, just because of the sheer numbers, the movement in the mission has been busier than usual. We have learned how to prepare trunk sheets, buy boat tickets to get missionaries off the island of Saradegna, assign new cell phones, and coordinate bus and train schedules. It is challenging, but we are learning - quickly, I might add.

Tonight we were privileged to attend a wonderful Italian dinner at President and Sister Acerson's house. The mission home is large enough to handle all these missionaries, and Sister Acerson is a wonderful cook. I have never tasted better lasagna in my life - made from fresh pasta. We ate a yummy dessert named Tira masu and she said she would share the recipe. Tonight was for the returning home missionaries and the office staff and assistants.

Afterwards, two of the missionaries sang "I Am A Child of God" in Italian, with gusto and harmony. It was beautiful. Elder Auna, a missionary returning to Hawaii, accompanied them on his ukulele. Then Elder Auna and Elder McKee sang a song they composed while serving together about the gospel. Both were good singers and the song was a wonder. All 8 missionaries sang the mission song - which is a delight to hear. We were then excused to go home and they were going to have a testimony meeting together. What fine young men and one sister.

Our goal is to work on our Italian once again. But, this transfer was of highest priority right now of course.

A thought was shared at our DDM meeting a week ago. It was a simple thought about doing missionary work. Open your mouth! Don't be ashamed to open your mouth and share the truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Love, Karen and Will