Monday, May 25, 2009

Francesco cooking "Real Italian" in our kitchen

Two pastas - different than you have ever tasted - absolutely delicious

Leg of lamb, potatoes, done with garlic and rosemary

Delicious beef, bacon, cheese, rosemary dish with cherry tomatoes

I think all we do is eat!

Suddenly, we are getting all sorts of invitations to eat at member’s homes, and have investigators to our apartment for an American meal. One investigator, Francesco, came to our apartment and cooked us a several course real Italian meal. It was our first one and WOW – good stuff. I am taking Italian cooking lessons by helping him in the kitchen, and helping with the meal at the several members’ homes. Some of the meals are simple, and some are several courses. Pasta has a whole new meaning to us – no red tomato sauce, but very delicious food.

The members here are so totally dedicated to the gospel of Jesus Christ. It takes many of the families from 45 minutes to an hour and a half just to drive to church. (or take the bus, which many of them have to do) Friday night there was a talent show and dance (and of course food) at the church. It was so much fun and allowed us to get to know people in the ward better.

Tonight we are inviting Francesco to our apartment and serving him a roast beef, potatoes and gravy, salad, rolls, banana cream pie type of dinner. The Italians are just as interested in trying our food as we are in trying theirs.

We suggested last night at Vacarono’s house that they pray about a family that we could teach the gospel to. Then we suggested that we cook an American meal for them to try. They thought that would go over great. If anyone would like to invest in the missionary fund, send money for food – roast beef costs money. Jokes – kind of!

We will probably extend the same invitation to the Garcia family on Wednesday. I love cooking, everyone loves to eat, and that seems to soften up the hearing glands so the gospel can be taught. The young missionaries love it because we can’t speak the language well enough to go it alone, so they come along to translate, eat, and teach the lesson. We bear testimony and it seems to work well for everyone.

So, our more relaxed schedule has changed. Now we have scripture study in the morning, work at the office all day, coming home at noon for language study, and then are out in the evening to English class or at someone’s home. Or they are at our home. Missionary work is not for the faint of heart. But it is so exciting that we love it!

On the weekend, we traveled to Terni by car. This is a city to the north of Rome where we have missionaries living. It is fun to see the different areas. The drive was beautiful and we ate an interesting meal at noon at an outdoor patio type of restaurant. The travel is also good for us because we are in charge of train schedules during transfers, and as we see the countryside we are more aware of where the missionaries are traveling and what routes they need to take.

Field of wild poppies just outside Rome

Amphitheatre on way to Terni - 4th century BC - next to the ancient city of Sutri