Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sorrento and the Almalfi Coast

Our Saturday outing this week took us south to Sorrento

and the Almalfi Coast.

Sorrento is known for it’s beautiful inlaid-wood music boxes.

The wood is cut paper-thin before applying to the designed part of the music box.

Each color on the box is a different kind of wood. For example: green is olive wood, pink is rose wood, red is mahogany, dark brown is walnut, etc.
Many stores carry a large variety of music boxes and inlaid-wood pictures.

Sorrento has great shopping

and a very pink church

And then there was the Almalfi Coastline

Will took over 385 pictures

These pictures were edited and only the best were kept.
Along the winding coastline road were incredible sights to enjoy.

There were fun roadside stands

Yes, those are lemons in the middle. This area is known for its lemon products. At dinner we ate lemon oil on our bread
A ceramic factory caught our eye on our drive.

The beautiful ceramics cost a small fortune but were sure fun to look at.

This table was several thousand dollars, but the shipping was free anywhere in the world

Will especially wanted to eat at a seaside restaurant and enjoy the view.

He chose this lovely setting, which we all enjoyed.

The little attached shop was fun too.

We wound our way almost to Salerno while enjoying the incredible view.