Wednesday, March 17, 2010


When the younger missionaries ask Elder Sommerfeldt for favors or supplies, he is always teasing them that they owe him a chocolate milkshake. Sister Swenson and Sister Zeller finally delivered. It was a cold day and they carried two milkshakes on the bus from McDonald’s at Termini to the office for us. We love our sweet sister missionaries.

Giuseppe, our Italian friend,

gave us a tour of art work in downtown Rome on Saturday. It turns out that we had seen the pictures, sculpture, and churches before, but the brain remembers better with repetition.

This is a famous Caravaggio painting,

which hangs permanently in Saint Augustine.

The San Luigi dei Francesi Church has two Bernini sculptures in it. These white marble angels are famous.

This is a typical version of Mary and the Christ child, outside on a building.

To get to each place you either walk or ride the crowded buses.

We visit Piazza Navona almost every trip downtown. My favorite artist, Remo, has become a friend. He would like to go to America and paint for us and our friends.

The amazing architecture in Rome almost becomes ordinary as you see it at every turn.

Always there is entertainment going on somewhere downtown.

This is a blood orange. They are in season right now and quite tasty. They are easier to eat if you don't look at them.

News bulletin: I saw some small red poppies along the side of the road. Spring is coming!