Sunday, November 1, 2009

San Gregorio by Tivoli

This weekend’s giro took Will and I to the little hilltop town of San Gregorio. The sun was shining on the flocks of sheep in the valley, with the town high in the background.

Of course, the town had a church,

a castle, and narrow cobblestone streets

with interesting doorways

and lots of steep steps. One man was renovating an apartment that would cost 95,000 euro. It was probably about 350 square feet: a kitchen/ living room, one bedroom, and a tiny bathroom.

By many of the houses, we saw the wood supply growing for the winter months. Here is a man delivering wood.

The olives are ripening on the trees. Fall has arrived.

In the evening, the missionaries in Rome 2 hosted a Halloween party for the Rome 2 Ward. The balloon game included stomping on another couple’s balloon when the music stopped playing.

Everyone loved it. They bobbed for apples,

and played Musical Chairs and the Wink Game. Of course, we ate at the end of the games. Some came in costumes.

Halloween seems to be a fairly new idea for the Italians. But, just like us, they love a party.