Monday, August 31, 2009

After a busy transfer week, we spent our weekend moving into a different apartment. Anziano and Sorella Pearson are on their way home this coming Saturday after serving a successful mission. Anziano and Sorella Burt have been here for a week already. They are replacing the Pearsons. They are learning their office duties and now getting settled into their apartment. As for us, we love our “new” apartment. It is much bigger and m-u-c-h quieter. We are loving that! We even saw a beautiful sunset last night from our living room balcony.

Today at DDM, I served carrot cake as a going away treat to the Pearsons. Our district has changed again, and we are getting to know new missionaries once more.

Please don’t write us off with this short message. We will try and do better next week as we get out and about more once again. Because we live in a different place now, we have new bus routes to learn and new neighbors to meet. Should be interesting!

I guess this is our August vacation. All other Italians seem to take off a lengthy vacation time in August to go to the beach or the mountains. We move across town.