Sunday, July 11, 2010

15+ things we will always associate with Italy

It was hard to stop at 15. We love Italy!
(These are in no particular order)
1. Red poppies

2. Fields of sunflowers

3. Oleander bushes along the roadways

4. Umbrella trees

5. Delicious, many flavored gelato

6. Mediterranean Sea

7. Toll booths and confusing signs

8. Olive trees

9. Grape vines

10. The color purple – like purple bougainvillea

11. People talking with their hands

12. Outdoor markets

13. Marble

14. Apartments

15. Crazy drivers and narrow streets

And of course, missionary work

1 comment:

  1. Sommerfeldts: we loved your pictures and "commentary." It makes us anxious to be there.
    Thanks..The Marcuccis